Mexico’s president is living in a dream world ….

Cousin of Mexican cartel victims calls for help from Trump, says family was not caught in crossfire

Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador stood defiant amid mounting criticism of his government’s policy of using “hugs, not bullets” when fighting drug cartels. During his daily media briefing on Wednesday, he reiterated that violence was not the answer or appropriate response to the growing deaths at the hands of cartels.

“It was lamentable, painful because children died, but do we want to resolve the problem the same way (as previous administrations)? By declaring war?” he asked. “That, in the case of our country, showed that it does not work. That was a failure. It caused more violence.”

I hate to tell Lopez Obrador that the hug mentality is what got them in the predicament they are now in. The only one language some people understand is; someone or something that is more violent than they are.

It is no secret among the people that have dealt with criminals, they have an entire different mentality than normal people do. They mistake kindness for weakness and stupidity.

So Mr. President of Mexico, try to hug one of these bandidos’ and ask him to behave, it would be as good as signing your own death warrant. They have to be spoken to with language they understand.

Mexico’s biggest problem; they tried to ignore the criminals for too long, hoping they would run their course and die down. WRONG, they only got stronger and now probably have more fire power and Pesos than their government.

Is it too late to reign in the horses?? It may very well be. I can tell their president, it absolutely will not work by having a HUG THE DRUG DEALER DAY.

What might be their only prayer to reversing the tide, is what I suggest for any discrepancy/out-of-control-situation; EDUCATION from infancy, it is the only long range solution. Gotta start somewhere. How has what they have been doing working out for them so far?? HELLO!! Is the EDUCATION solution even too late?? Probably, but it is the only logical one they have.

It took a number of years to get to this undesirable point. It will take double, triple, or quadruple, if not more, to ever get back to a acceptable level.

In reality, EDUCATION is the ONLY solution to all of the world’s problems. I can not figure for the life of me, what the hell the politicians have in between their ears.

If anyone can not see the direction the entire world is declining into, they have a severe problem.

EDUCATION is the only answer!!!!!!!! Start yesterday.

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