In their own words …

Huffington Post

Eric Trump Complains, Without Irony, That ‘Facts Don’t Matter

Just to prove how inaccurate/corrupted the media is; this is exactly how the Huffington Post twists and manipulates what people say.

What the post headlines claims Trump said: Eric Trump, the son of President Donald Trump, on Tuesday night moaned without any apparent irony that “facts don’t matter” to members of the media who attack his father.

In their own words two paragraphs later:

What Eric actually said: “Facts do not matter to these people,” said the president’s son. “If it helps their little political agenda, if it helps them get something they want, if it appeases their bosses and the higher-ups in the mainstream media, they’ll lie, they’ll deceive, they’ll fraud.”

As we can see; with the tap of a couple of keys, the entire narrative can be changed from ; facts do not mater to facts do not matter to these people . This is a devious method that is commonly used by most of the media to discredit someone.

Trump certainly is not a pure as the driven snow; BUTT blame him for what he actually did, not what you assume he did.

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