Very sad story …..

A Mormon family was brutally killed. What we know about the Mexico attack

At least 9 people – three mothers and their children – from a prominent Mormon family were brutally killed in an attack by gunmen in Mexico. 


Although authorities in Mexico have yet to confirm many details about the gunmen, relatives suspect that the attack may have been a case of mistaken identity by drug cartels.

I am sure their intentions to convert people into their faith was very admirable on their part. But as I have repeated so many times before; DON’T GO WHERE YOU DON’T BELONG. Many people in that part of the world do not want to change their animalistic life-styles and should be left alone.

I can not even imagine the agony a parent must go through seeing their entire family slaughtered before their very eyes. Tragic!!

We do not have to live our lives in paranoia, but we should live our lives wisely; especially in the increasingly violent world we live in.

There are many parts of the world that are unsafe to be in, many of them in our own country, let alone looking for headaches in foreign countries.

Trying to convert savage/uncivilized people is just asking for huge problems. I hope other missionaries learn from this family’s deadly mistake and stay on their own turf. We have no real guarantees here, but the odds are a little better.

Leah Staddon, a relative who grew up in the same Mormon community before moving to Arizona, said Monday that she was still trying to get more information about the attack.

“It’s devastating,” she said. “It’s incomprehensible, the evil. I don’t understand how someone could do that.”

To answer Leah’s question; it would be an insult to animals comparing them to this scum.

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