Sounds like something N. Korea would do ….

Colorado homeowner owed nothing after police SWAT shootout destroys his house, federal court rules

You gotta be kidding me!!

A federal appeals court in Colorado ruled Tuesday that a local police department does not have to compensate a homeowner whose house was destroyed by 19 hours of gunfire between officers and an armed shoplifting suspect who had chosen to barricade himself inside to evade arrest.

The suspect was not the home owner. If he was the home owner I may agree with the court.

This sounds like a move The Kid Dick-tator would make.

This is not a shack we are talking about. The house was – I say was – worth over 500 grand before the storm troopers moved in and shot it to shreds.


I am not say the cops should not do whatever it takes to apprehend a suspect. What I am saying, the authorities should be held accountable in situations like this.

I always like to reverse situations and AXE; WHAT IF it was your kid or your property?? What if it were the magistrates crib; think there would be a different ruling??? You bet your ass it would be.

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