Hanoi Jane is just signifying …..

Bozell & Graham: Jane Fonda’s new socialist stunts – Why do liberals think getting arrested is an achievement?


They wear their arrests as a badge of honor. Like a fashion statement, they want to be noticed. What would happen if there were no cameras present and they were not getting the ink, would they still be protesting?? Hell no.

One of the strangest things about liberals is how they think getting arrested is some kind of achievement. Take Jane Fonda, who, at the tender age of 81, is still ranting about capitalist America ruining the world. Only this time, the issue is “climate change” instead of the Cold War.

Isn’t it strange/hypocritical/speaking out of both sides of her mouth; someone that is worth 200 million or more, is complaining about the country’s system that made her a rich.

She made her choice during the Vietnam War. The government should have taken away her passport and denied her reentry back into the country she adamantly detest.


Jane Fonda says she regrets her ‘horrible’ Vietnam War protest
https://www.businessinsider.com › jane-fonda-says-she-regrets-her-horrible…

Jul 30, 2018 – Jane Fonda said she’s still confronted by Vietnam War veterans over her 1970s anti-war activism and welcomes the encounters.

The only reason Hanoi Jane regrets that she went to Vietnam is because of the backlash, not her actions. Her supporting Vietnam was a kick in the nuts and a stab in the back to every armed service personal that participated in the war, especially the dead and wounded. As far as I am concerned, no apology is good enough.

Ironic as it is, she was right in her beliefs; the USA should have never been involved in a war in that country. Her greatest blunder was going there and physically supporting the enemy. Even though she was right, Vietnam like so many other wars the USA had no business getting involved in. They were very big money-maker for a lot of high rollers.

Who profited most from the Vietnam War?

These are just some of the companies profiting the most from war:

  • General Dynamics. > Arm sales 2012: $20.9 billion. > Total sales 2012: $31.5 billion. …
  • Raytheon. > Arm sales 2012: $22.5 billion. …
  • BAE Systems. > Arm sales 2012: $26.9 billion. …
  • Boeing. > Arm sales 2012: $27.6 billion. …
  • Lockheed Martin. > Arm sales 2012: $36 billion.

Don’t you be foolish enough to believe that there were not droves of politicians waiting at the tellers window to get their kickback from the contractors.

Just one example of many:



At the time there was wide suspicion among newspaper columnists and the Republican minority in Congress that Brown & Root’s contributions to LBJ earned it the inside track on multi-million-dollar contracts.

The sharpest criticism would come from its work in Vietnam . Brown & Root was part of a consortium of four big construction companies known as RMK-BRJ. They were contracted by the Navy to build ports, airfields, bases, ammunition depots and hospitals in South Vietnam . It was the first time the US military had assigned private contractors on a large scale to do work usually performed by combat engineers and Navy Seabees. Brown & Root’s portion of the contract would be worth $380 million.

No small potatoes: what 380 million would be worth in today$ dollar$ = $3,247,229,251.70 – That is a B folks not an M.

Another very disturbing fact:

Halliburton – Wikipedia
https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Halliburton

Halliburton Company is an American multinational corporation. One of the world’s largest oil …. Critics contend that it was a no-bid contract, awarded due to Dick Cheney’s position as vice president. Concern was also expressed that the contract …

Chris Matthews says Cheney got $34 million payday from …
https://www.politifact.com › truth-o-meter › statements › may › chris-matt…

May 24, 2010 – The oil-services and infrastructure giant Halliburton is a favorite target for critics of former Vice President Dick Cheney, who used to be the …

34 million – Some serious WALKING AWAY money.

If I had a crystal ball, I would assume that the 34 million Cheney walked away with was not thew ONLY compensation/kickback he received from his former employer.

Cheney is one despicable individual. This is what he said after 1,000’s of deaths, and war related injuries to American servicemen and women.

Cheney Has “No Regrets” Over Interrogation Policies, War On …
https://www.huffpost.com › entry › cheney-has-no-regrets-ove_n_201322

Jun 10, 2009 – Former Vice President Dick Cheney said on Sunday, that he had no regrets about the course of actions he and the Bush administration …

NO REGRETS; one hell of a guy. I wonder if he would have the balls to tell this vet with no arms and legs he had no regrets? I would not want to take that bet.


Cheney like the general that sits on his horse on top of the hill, a safe distance from the action and yells for his troops to CHARGE, but never leaves the safety of the hill. He is one cold/calloused mother.


Back to Hanoi Jane and others like her; they are hypocrites for their positions about capitalism. They have been richly rewarded by the system they are so opposed to.

Not bad for an anti-capitalist!!

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