It is called; be-care-full of what you wish for ….

Two Pelosi errors that could cost Democrats the election in 2020


Old Nagging Nan is suffering from the oldest payback in the world, it is called; THE BITE YOU IN YOUR ASS SYNDROME or; be careful of what you wish for.

It is an article of faith among political analysts that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a master strategist, and indeed her career is studded with significant accomplishments. Yet, more recently, she has made two grievous errors that could well cost Democrats the election in 2020.

The first was putting Adam Schiff in charge of the impeachment inquiry. The second is not reining in the so-called Squad, or the four female freshmen Democrats whose extreme progressive voices have helped push the Democrat party to the left, alienating much of the country.

1st; Shifty Schiff doesn’t even qualify as a good liar. The guy is a stumble-bum that can not keep his stories right. In his own words, he so much as admitted; he put his own spin on what he read in THE TRANSCRIPT. His slant on it was what he though it meant, not exactly what the transcript contained.

PITTING YOUR OWN SPIN ON SOMETHINGto twist a report or story to one’s advantage; to interpret an event to make it seem favorable or beneficial to oneself or one’s cause.

Schiff’s ‘Parody’ and Trump’s Response – › 2019/10 › schiffs-parody-and-trumps-respons

Oct 1, 2019 – Trump said Schiff “actually took words and made it up.” That’s correct. Schiff didn’t give Trump’s exact words — a verbatim transcript isn’t ..

2nd; The Hit Squad; an out-of-control group of female fanatics that are trying to turn the USA into a socialist country. At least 90% of what they are suggesting or trying to sell to the country is hog-wash; impractical and unattainable. But yet, to accomplish their selfish end game/goals, they are continuing to lie through their teeth and deceiving the public. Fortunately; most people are beginning to see through their greed and charade.



These four anti-Americans are just a small group of people that are trying to organize a socialist-Political Ponzi Scheme to take over the USA, which will only benefit the devious scammers on top of their organization. They absolutely know; all of the trash they are trying to sell to the American is nothing but hypothetical pipe dreams to get the vote.

When the Squad was first organized, Nagging Nan was pleased that there was a contingent of women who were opposed to Trump. BUTT as we have witnessed, these Frankensteinsesses have grown out of control and are at very big threat to Nagging Nan’s cause.

In a nut shell; the monsters she once thought so very fond of are overshadowing Nagging Nan and she is very concerned about it.

I say; keep up the harassment; the more they run their mouth, the better Trump looks.

Nan; be careful what you wish for.

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