Don’t hold your breath ….

FOX NEWS POLL: Nearly half of voters want Trump impeached and removed from office

The talk going around the office is; Trump is a one time president. I say; Don’t hold your breath

In my opinion; the intelligent/patriotic American people are not just sheep in the ANTI-TRUMP – FLOCK following each other off the cliff. They are free thinkers that can see the handwriting on the wall.

Lets face it; the stinking media can canonize a person or vilify them at will. There is no way to control them. If they get a hard-on for someone, they are brutal as brutal can be and unapologetic. It would not be as painful, if what they reported was the truth.

Just so many of the other crusaders against Trump; most of them, including NAN The Nag, never read the transcript before they started chopping Trump to pieces. Many of them have admitted that; it is how they interpreted the transcript, not the way is was written.

One the other side of the coin, we have the REAL TRUMP told by Doug Wead who spent two years with the family, and this is what he came away with.

Doug Wead: I interviewed the Trump family for two years and THIS is what I found

Doug Wead:

Donald Trump is the sixth president I have interviewed and I came away impressed. Some will say that he is only lucky. He was lucky to win the nomination and the election. He was lucky to see what every great economist in the world had missed about the GDP, lucky at finding jobs that no one else could find, lucky at bringing back hostages that other presidents had left languishing in foreign prisons, lucky at achieving energy independence, lucky at defeating ISIS so easily.

Trump is, arguably, the first president in 40 years to avoid starting a hot war. You can say he is lucky. I say he is great.

Optimistically; the masses will see through all the bull-shit fake news surrounding PDT and support him.

These witch hunts and false accusations are just indicators of how vicious the anti-Trump haters are; they will stop at nothing, including sacrificing their first born to do harm to the president. Is he perfect?? Hell no, who is. Blame him for what he has actually done, not how how you interpret it.

I would love to hear how knuckle-head Nan can explain her actions action or lack of. How could she want to start an impeachment process without personally reading THE TRANSCRIPT??

WATCH: Pelosi Slams Ukraine Call After Admitting She Hasn’t … › news › watch-pelosi-slams-ukraine-call-after-…

Sep 25, 2019 – Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed President Donald Trump’s phone call with Ukraine on Wednesday immediately after admitting to reporters that she has not even read the transcript of the phone call. … “But the transcript is, uh, the fact is, that the president of the …

Folks, I don’t make this up …..

This other cop-hating, anti-American broad is an example of what and who wants to take over in this country.


AOC backs anti-cop protesters who jumped subway turnstiles in New York

If not stopped dead in her tracks, she and her kind will be the future of the USA. Don’t laugh; she has got a pretty good head of steam in front of her and a lot of demented supporters.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez@AOC

Ending mass incarceration means challenging a system that jails the poor to free the rich.

Arresting people who can’t afford a $2.75 fare makes no one safer and destabilizes our community.

New Yorkers know that, they’re not having it, and they’re standing up for each other. …

Do these imbeciles ever consider what the repercussions would be without the support of the men and ladies in blue?? They all are mentally disturbed.

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