What have the fools been waiting for??

By David N. Bossie | Fox News

David Bossie: Trump impeachment vote is Democratic declaration of war – Republicans must declare war on Dems


If Democrats want to investigate phone calls, President Trump should release transcripts of calls by former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Biden with world leaders from countries such as Russia, Ukraine and Iran.

The American people should get to read the transcript of the call just before Obama sent, with no proper authorization, pallets of cash totaling $400 million to the America-hating Iranian government; then and to this day have still sworn/pledged to wipe the USA off the map.

I would like to AXE TMC a stupid question. What does he think that 400 million and the 151 billion he released were used for.

Lets take a guess:


Why were TMC’s feet not held to the fire for that move. 400,000,000.00$ in cash!! Who in their right mind would finance someone that has sworn to annihilate them and the rest of their country, BUTT possibly one of their own!! There can be no other possibility other than; TMC is now and was then in bed with the enemy.


This witch hunt has become a game of who can yell louder, and so far the democrats – the left media and their supporters have had the stronger voice. It is about time the republicans get off their dead ass and let their voices be heard. Trump has to be getting wore out fighting this war alone. Sad to say, even some of his own party are against him.

This charade isn’t about anything President Trump has done wrong, because he hasn’t done anything to warrant impeachment. Instead, the Democrats are improperly using the impeachment process to weaken public support for the president in an effort to defeat him in the 2020 presidential election.

When the impeachment process is over, and PDT comes away clean, who is going to take the heat/wear the jacket for all the time and money spent trying to lynch Trump?? Nan??? It will look like a Chinese fire drill, with all the heroic politicians running in opposite directions.

The USA has claimed for years we have the best system of government in the world. Circuses like this make me wonder just how good the system is; when there are no checks and balances in place to control lynch mobs like the democrats. There is no merit/justification to an impeachment.

No one is listening: POLITICIANS, IFFFFF Trump did commit any punishable offenses, prostitute him after 2024 when he is out of office. Until then, lite a match under your dead ass and do something constructive for the American people.

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