You scratch my back, I will scratch yours ….

If what has been made public, actually how it went down, and how it is documented in THE TRANSCRIPT; should the incident be viewed separately??

1st scenario: Trump admits he held up the $391 million. OK, that is what good presidents should do, negotiate, not give away the farm like BAU for the last 100 years.

2nd scenario: He admits he asked for a favor from the Ukrainian president. OK, it is done 100’s of times a day in foreign negotiations/trade around the world. Let us not forget, Donald Trump has been a horse trader for decades. This is his interpretation of how business is done.

3rd scenario: Trump admits the favor was to dig up dirt on Joe Biden and his son. OK, it is the responsibility of any president to make sure the citizens of the USA are behaving in foreign countries.

Should any person be held accountable for what another member did that was illegal?? No one is responsible for another sins. Although, enablers are partially responsible if they are knowingly covering up for the other person; I.e., the Catholic Church and their pedophile disaster.

Is there anywhere we hear Trump telling the Ukraine president; if you do not investigate Biden’s kid, we are not going to release the funds you need for the weapons deal?? Is there the least bit of conversation that sounds like a threat?? Hell no.

It is done every day in business; you scratch my back, I will scratch yours.

Is there anything in this conversation that is an impeachable offense, one of the most serious undertaking that could be leveled at a president.

If THE KID was playing dirty pool, and I will bet he was, you can bet your ass his old man was involved. Any father that would tell his son he approves of him dating/shacking-up with his dead brothers wife; that guy is not play with a full deck.

Examples like is are huge indicators of how JJ would go to the cross for his pampered kid. The ignorance of some parents is off the charts.

Joe Biden’s Son Hunter Tells All — About Dating His … – People › Politics

Jul 1, 2019 – Former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden candidly addressed … About Dating His Brother’s Widow, Meeting New Wife, Addiction Problems … (Hallie, as well as others in the Biden family, declined to talk to the magazine.) … I said, ‘Dad, if people find out, but they think you’re not approving of this, …

Joe and Jill Biden maintained a unified front with Hunter in light of questions about the unusual romance, releasing a supportive statement to Page Six in 2017: “We are all lucky that Hunter and Hallie found each other as they were putting their lives together again after such sadness. They have mine and Jill’s full and complete support and we are happy for them.”

SOOOO, the public is supposed to believe that Trump pressured the Ukraine president to investigate JJ JR who was getting 50,000.00$ a month to sit on a board of a Ukraine gas company, a position he had no experience in what-so-ever; but we are not supposed to believe that JJ Sr. pressure the Ukraine government into firing their prosecutor that was investigating the company JJ Jr. worked for. GMAHFB

This particular witch hunt against Trump is the most egregious/undeserving act against any president in American history; for one reason only.

Is Trump clean as the board of health?? Hell no, who is?? Take him to the cross for what he does illegally, not some TRUMPED charges because the democrats still have a hard-on for him winning the election.

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