Nutty Nan rides again ……

Pelosi calls for Republicans to put country over party: Trump impeachment inquiry latest


Based on what the transcript reveals, in black and white; there can not be anyone with any common sense that can say, as it is written, not what they think it says or what they want it to say; there were any improprieties by PDT whatsoever.

If there is something else lurking in the darkness, that may be a different story.

How many of the accusers did not even read the transcript before they started pounding nail in Trump’s coffin?? How many of the accusers admitted, they put their own spin on it??

PETE REPEAT: It is the responsibility of the President of the USA, no matter who they are; if they think there are US citizens in foreign countries, that are behaving poorly or committing crimes, they are obligated to look into the matter. Who better to ask for assistance, than the president of the country in question.

I don’t give one or two shits what the Bidens’ claim; they are as dirty as last years laundry and this is a way to distract the attention from them.

The precious time and $oldi wasted on try to lynch Trump can’t ever be recovered.

What I would like to know; when Trump is cleared of all charges, who is going to wear the jacket for these witch hunts??

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