Old time four letter word……

LAZY AND UNDISCIPLINED: That is how they got into the condition they are in in the first place.

Some severely obese kids should get weight loss surgery, American Academy of Pediatrics says

Some severely obese preteens and teens should be considered for weight loss surgery, according to new guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Devi Nampiaparampil weighs in.



Come on Doc Nanjghhduurfhjhjhxuusuis; let us not teach the younger generations, to always look for the easy ways out. Discipline is one of the major keys in life that governs a persons future, failure or success.

Unless there is something severely physically wrong with a kid, there is absolutely no way they should have surgery to correct their obesity problem. Once a person is geared to taking the easy route, their entire life is conducted in the same manner.

For many of the tribulations people are subjected to, there are no easy routes to take. It took them years to get in their unhealthy state, the solution should not be pills or surgery. Hard work – dedication – exercise and stick-to-it·ive·ness are the only solutions to a life time of successes. Once these characteristics are developed, they will spillover to everything the person does in their life and make them very successful people.

Getting sliced and diced at a very young age is not the answer.


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