Element of surprise … the only way to roll …

Trump says Schiff was reason he kept Dems in the dark on al-Baghdadi raid, mulls releasing video


Can anyone with any sense blame Trump for keep the attach on baghadadi close to his vest??

With all of the backstabbing and back-biting going on around him, If I were him, I would not tell anyone if I was pinching a loaf.

Trump has many faults and hank-ups, but one of them, unlike his predecessor, is not calling the enemy collect and telling them; in two weeks I am coming across the pond to do you in. The element of surprise is the only way to roll; catch the enemy with their drawers down.

PETE – REPEAT: If the man could only control his outbursts, what a difference he could of and still can make as president. He has done so many beneficial things for the country and the world; BUTT as the old saying goes; do 1,000 things right and no one remembers, do 1 thing wrong and you will never live it down.

Ask Pa Pa Joe Paterno.

Thursday 1130 Doc

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2 Responses to Element of surprise … the only way to roll …

  1. Gus Kious, MD says:

    His predecessor Obama gave no warning prior to attacking, invading, and killing Osama without informing Pakistan. He was successful in a prolonged and complex attack and didn’t boast about it for 50 minutes nor did he call out or denigrate any Republicans. Your opinion is yours but the facts are objective as is the comparison. Gus

    • Thanks for your opinion Doc.
      I was not referring to this particular incident, I was referring to many other times that TMC gave his enemies prior warning to his actions.

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