Bobble-heads are a dime a dozen …..

John Kelly warned of impeachment for Trump if he hired ‘yes man’: ‘I feel bad that I left’

What is an advisor:



  1. a person who gives advice in a particular field.”the military adviser to the President
  2. counselor
    1. mentor
    2. guide
    3. consultant
    4. consultee
    5. confidant

One of PDT’s biggest hang-ups, he does not like taking advice. Why does a person hire an adviser, if they are not going to take their advice?? There can be many reasons, but the primary are, lack of trust and insecurity. I think PDT suffers immensely from both syndromes. That has been proven by the number of people that he has shit-canned or that quit. He should have installed revolving doors at the Casa Bianca.

The Turnover at the Top of the Trump Administration – The … › interactive › 2018/03/16 › politics › all-the-majo…
Mar 16, 2018 – 

President Trump announced the resignation of Kevin K. McAleenan, the acting ….. A New York Times analysis of 21 top White House and cabinet … Turnover in Each Administration’s First 14th Months Number of people who held a position ….. Mr. Trump won the presidency, was forced out of his position and …

Former VA secretary details dysfunction, chaos within the Trump administration

By: Leo Shane III    October 17

If these are not indicators of an insecure man, I don’t know what is. In spite of it all, Trump still manages to get a lot accomplishes. Just think of what he could have achieved if he listened to THE PEOPLE IN THE KNOW!!

At this point in his presidency, who can blame him for being gun shy with so many people trying to take him down?? Possibly, if he would have taken the advice from some of the top advisers he dumped, the complexion of where he is today may be a lot different.

I want to be surrounded by people that are highly skilled/educated in their field. Bobble-heads (yes men) are a dime a dozen. Usually, bobble-heads can not be trusted and will turn on their boss in a second.


Will Trump ever learn?? Doubtful



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