Because the church is falling apart ….

Pope Francis proposes female deacons, married priests at Amazon synod

Pope Francis, rounding out his synod of Amazonian clergy, announced Saturday that he would be reopening a commission to study the history of women as deacons in the early days of the Catholic Church.

This move has to be an attempt of Francis to, get the church back on track financially , after all the $oldi, in the billions they paid out to the victims of pedophile priests.

The ironic part is; Francis and all the popes that came before him who knew of the indiscretions of the scumbag molesters, they are just as responsible for the out come as the criminals.

Because of the pope’s silence/cover-ups, and all of those under them, bishops, cardinals and other priest; these atrocities against young kind are as much their fault as the sick-bastards that hid behind their collars to molest the kids. If reported in their infancy, 95% of the molestation would not have taken place.

The cover-ups were all done for the fear of losing parishioners. Parishioners = dollar$. Le$$ parishioner$ less $$$$$$$.

Now that their silence came back to bite them in their ass financially, the pope is going to change the rules that have been in existence for 1,0000’s of years to try and resurrect their popularity. Popularity = $$$$$$$.

I think it is too little too late. They should have done the right thing when they had the chance. Above all, they did not practice what they preach.

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