Haven’t figured out JJ yet????

Brother of Sandy Hook shooting victim calls out Joe Biden for claiming he met with all the affected families


The Brother Of A Sandy Hook Victim Calls Out Joe Biden: He’s ‘Either A Liar Or He’s Losing His Mind’

I say, may be a little of both.

Joe Biden is a liar.

So says JT Lewis, who lost his 6-year-old brother, Jesse, in the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre.

JJ (Jokin Joe Biden) is the poster boy for the typical bull-shitting politician. They bull-shit and lie so much, it becomes an automatic with them.

His kissin cousin CHC is the poster girl. What a couple. Wild Bill better check her text messages. Lying is so indelible tattooed on their brain, most of them probably don’t even know they are bull-shitting. Lets be polite and call it; THEIR SECOND NATURE.


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