The Boy needs to be Bitch slapped …..

Gutfeld on banning the word ‘bitch ….

Instead of bowing to their nut-case PC-insanity, we should all tell them to go fuck themselves. How many years in jail will I get for that one?? They have all gone way beyond extreme and need a gigantic wake up call.

In Boston, Democratic state Rep. Dan Hunt has introduced a bill that makes using the word bitch used to describe a pregnant dog punishable by six months in jail. Before you dismiss this as piffle, let’s not forget: It made it this far. From a citizen to a government body, in a large city, in a large state.

Gutfeld: Crazy is like mold. The longer you look away, the bigger it gets.

It is not the legitimacy of the word bitch that is in question, it is the PC movement itself that is so dangerous and disturbing. These nit-wit PC fools are poisoning the minds of our younger generation and turning them into spineless/mindless incompetents, following the lead imbecile over the cliff. The only way to combat these fools is stand up and be recognized.

Just like so many gutless fools that were/are afraid to speak against TMC because he is half black. The same fools are too cowardly to stand up to the PC-ers and them all to kiss their ass. They are like drugged up, programmed zombies.

Hey; silent majority out there, if you still exist; better open your fly trap and be heard; these PC-fools are running this country into the ground and you are allowing them to do it. Get some balls people.

The Silent Majority | Definition of The Silent Majority by … › dictionary › the silent majority

The silent majority definition is – the largest part of a country’s population that consists of people who are not actively involved in politics and do not express their …

The way I see it, if these PC-fools are left unchecked and they have been, they are going to win this cultural war. I think they are well on their way to victory.

Remember one very important fact of life. Once you give it away, you will NEVER get it back.

I had no idea who this fruit-cake was until I looked him up. Now that explains a lot!!


  1. 1.the crime of killing a child within a year of birth.”cases of infanticide often involve extreme emotional disturbance”
  2. 2.a person who kills an infant, especially their own child.

The maggot must be a real sweetheart.

He is just one of the millions of examples of who and what the over all socialism movement/mentality represents.

Again; Remember one very important fact of life. Once you give it away, you will NEVER get it back.

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