Different perspective on the royal couple ….

Fairness, honesty and apologies if necessary are all a very big part of The Goomba Gazette format.

In a round-about way, I have been bashing Harry and Meghan since they got together. I may have been wrong about them.


I watched the special of them in Africa last night on the tele. If what I saw is legit, I owe them a mea culpa.


Although there are numerous perks attached to be married to a prince, the downside of the marriage, the pressures and exposure are enormous.

As they alluded to; if the press was only honest and reported the truth, it would be bearable dealing with them

If we think there are a lot of scandal sheets in the USA, they are nothing but amateurs compare to London when it comes to chopping someone on their shit list to shreds. Many of them are unscrupulous and brutally dishonest with their news coverage. It would be tolerable if what they printed was factual, but they are the poster children for concocting untruths and downright lies just to sell papers.

In a round about way, some of them should be blamed for the death of Princess Di. If they were/are not paying such a high premium for trash and I GOT YOU stories, the paparazzi would not be so aggressive.

Watching the special, I could see the pain in both Harry and Meghan’s faces as they answered truthfully the questions the reporter threw at them. I can bet the trash tabloids in the UK are having a field-day today. They are absolutely brutal.

If you have the time, watch the special and see what I am referring to.


Again; if what I observed in the special is accurate, I would have to admit I have been wrong about the couple. They are very concerned with their family safety, and are considering moving to South Africa to get away from it all. Harry does not want what happened to his mother, happen to Meghan. Who can blame him.

I remember a story about Paul Newman that shows the boldness of the news media. He said he was in the head taking a piss and some reporter was hounding him for something or another. From then on, he x’d them off his list.

I can assure the royals of one thing. No matter where they move, the scumbags with the camera will follow. They can not run and they can not hide.

Unfortunately, as the old saying goes, that comes with the territory. But who the hell wants to live under a microscope.

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