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Phoenix police officer involved in viral video stop of couple fired


Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams has fired the officer involved in a viral cellphone video depicting him threatening to shoot at a family.

The video, recorded by a bystander on May 27, shows Phoenix Officer Christopher Meyer pointing a gun at a car occupied by Dravon Ames, his pregnant fiancee, Iesha Harper, and their children.

In the video, Meyer can be heard yelling, “You’re going to get f–king shot,” when Ames didn’t immediately open his vehicle’s door. The officer also told Ames, “I’m going to put a cap in your ass.”

The incident stemmed from an anonymous call to police that their daughter stole a doll from a Family Dollar store — something the family says was an accident. 

Ames said they were dropping off their daughter at the babysitter’s apartment when an officer stopped them. He alleged the officers didn’t use lights or sirens before they walked over to the parked car carrying Ames, Harper and their two daughters, ages 4 and 1.

In the video we can see the excessive for the cop used on Ames.

Is it possible a little kid can grab an item in a store and the parents not see it?? Absolutely. For the rogue cop to react the way he did was totally out of line. Not only should he have been fired, he should have been put in the slams for a couple of months. Total abuse of power.

As you may have guessed; the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, the Phoenix police union that represents the department’s rank and file, posted on Facebook that it doesn’t agree with Williams’ decisions to fire Meyer and Swick.

The way I always evaluate a situation, what if it were a member of my family??

Cops are no different from other people. As a matter of fact, they should be held to higher standards and be accountable for their actions. After-all this was not an arrest of John Dillinger for a bank job or a murder arrest where the cop felt his life was in danger.

Like the cops union did; how can anyone defend the actions of guys like this is beyond me??

Any smart person should know, (I said smart person) with all the cameras and recording devices out there, they would be a little more cautious with how they conduct their activities.

Phoenix police report differs from witness videos of viral incident

For starters, Officer Christopher Meyer, who wrote the report and is the man seen cursing at both parents, never mentions that a fellow officer held the mother and two young daughters at gunpoint.

Are those cops nuts, holding a lady and her two young daughters at gun point?? Again, how can the union or anyone else justify that kind of behavior??

I can understand a cop having to use excessive force to take down a criminal, but this situation absolutely did not warrant the kind of action taken.

I don’t care what race or religion a person is; it is the sworn responsibility/duty of law-enforcement officials to insure they treat all people fairly.

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