Getting slammed again….

Lori Loughlin ‘terrified,’ ‘stressed’ about new college admissions scandal charges:

“They feel like this is David versus Goliath,” a source close to Loughlin, 55, told People. “How do you go up against the federal government, when the government has decided to make an example out of you? How can you possibly move forward from this?”

“This stress is about to break them,” the source added.

Are we supposed to feel sorry for the cheaters?? While the rest of mankind are going through the proper channels to get their kids into a prestigious college, by working hard and getting good grades, excelling in sports, these high-flying, piss poor examples of parent are trying to buy their kids way through life.

On top of it all, if and when they are convicted, they are sent to prisons that resemble luxury resorts.

The way I see it; if the kids have any sense or self-worth what-so-ever, they have to feel insecure for the rest of their life knowing that they are inadequate. Meteorically speaking, the first apple a person steals and gets away with it, it becomes part of their make-up being a thief.

All I can tell the lady is, everyone has to eat a little bit of liver in their life so they can appreciate what surf & turf tastes like.

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