Coulda done it on the tele …..

Nancy Pelosi meets top officials in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) – Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani has met with U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a group of American lawmakers in an unannounced visit to the country.

The Afghan government’s statement says that Ghani thanked Sunday the delegation for the U.S.’s continued financial and political support for Afghanistan over the past 18 years. 18 years – wow.

FOLKS, makes you wanna barf

Ifffff, we would have come away with a victory in any of the countries we ILLEGALLY INVADE , than maybe all the expense would be partially justified. BUTT as we all know, the USA hasn’t won a war since Harry dropped Little Boy on the Japanese.


Afghanistan War: Cost, Timeline, Economic Impact › Investing › US Economy › Hot Topics

The war in Afghanistan began in 2001 and has cost the U.S. $975 billion, including estimates for 2019. The number grows even more when taking into account …

U.S. $975 billion, Not to mention all of the military personal that were killed and wounded.

These wars have been going on IN THE NAME OF THEIR GOD for centuries and will end no time soon. There is no answer to this dilemma except, all side put down their arms. That will never happen. Why, because someones great – great – great – great grand-daddy, 10 time removed, call a guy from another tribe an asshole. It makes no sense at all.

What the hell did Nan expect to accomplish with her grand entrance, BUTT piss away more money?? She could have very easily used a tele-conference and would not have had to get out of her pajamas. What and who justifies trips like that?

All politicians are out of control and we allow it.

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