Latch on to that wagon honey ….

Prince Harry appears to hint at rift between him and Prince William


Trying to be very British, when Harry was asked about the relationship between him and his brother; Prince Harry sensationally appears to admit to a rift between him and Prince William — as he said the royal brothers are traveling on “different paths.”

Harry says, things are so uncomfortable in the Mother Land, he and MM are considering moving abroad. Not his broad – abroad.

It doesn’t say much for a man or a women that allows their mate to control them, but it says a lot less for the domineering partner that is holding the training whip.

I really can’t blame MM for seeing an opportunity of a life time, a fairy-tale dream that happens once in a billion, and jumping on the money wagon. I do blame Harry for allowing her to control him. I said it from day one; MM got his nose wide open.

Any person that tries to turn their partner against their family is despicable. I have witnessed this first hand and have little respect for the either person.

More often than not, somewhere down the road, the moron that allowed them-self to be maneuvered, led around like a bull with a ring in their nose, wakes up one morning and realizes how stupid they were.

Asked about his relationship with his older brother, who is said to believe he rushed into marriage too quickly, Harry said: “Part of this role, part of this job and this family being under the pressure it is under, inevitably stuff happens.”

“But look, we are brothers, we will always be brothers. We are certainly on different paths at the moment but I will always be there for him and, as I know, he will always be there for me.

“We don’t see as much as we used to because we are so busy but I love him dearly and the majority of stuff is created out of nothing.

It is very tough living under a microscope, but that comes with all of the perks and territory.

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex sure knew what she was doing. As I said, I can’t blame her for latching on to a good thing. What I do not like, if it exists, and all indicators point in that direction, her driving a wedge between Harry and William.

I used to know a guy that always said; booty, poon-tang, trim is the most powerful thing in the world!! He was right on the money.


couple in a city
The most powerful and consequential human force in the world is a woman’s prerogative to say “yes” or “no” to a man’s sexual interest in her.

Of all the human-driven forces in the world — business, industry, education, wealth, political regimes, the arts, militarizes, entertainment, social movements — there is one clear power that’s greater than each of these and actually drives them all.


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