Are the potential risks worth it ……

Virginia town becomes home to nation’s first drone package delivery service

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. — Retirees Susie and Paul Sensmeier stood outside of their front door Friday, watching as a small drone zipped over their neighborhood and headed for their rambler.

The aircraft — operated by Wing, an offshoot of Google’s parent company — approached with a high-pitched whine, hovered in the clear sky above their front lawn and gently lowered a FedEx box containing a new puffy vest for Susie.

I am the first one that applauds advancement in technology , as long as they are beneficial to mankind. Some are, many are not.

Are the risks of drone delivery worth their potential dangers? I guess many people do not regard the upside-down egg beaters as risks.

Just one of millions of examples:

A  small drone impacting an engine would be unlikely to cause a crash, but it could easily cause the failure of that engine and millions of dollars of damage. Windscreens and other components are vulnerable as well. Small drones are invisible to air traffic control and onboard radar.

Dec 20, 2018The Drones Danger – › the-drone-danger

What if the package that was being delivered to Sensmeier family was carrying a bomb?? That would surely wipe the smiles off their face.

I still stand by my opinion, drones should only be used by the military, law-enforcement and medical emergencies. All other should be restricted to designated fields for the droners to get their kicks.

The terrorists will continue to use drones as they did to decimate the oil fields in Saudi Arabia. They are virtually impossible to defend against. BUTT if they were outlawed/banned, they could be open season for US to blow them out of the sky.


Take away the advantage and be ahead of the bad guys instead of always playing catch-up.

Lets face it folkers, all of these modern day advancement are just making people a hell of a lot lazier and obese. People, goota get off their fat lazy ass and move. You wonder why you are so out of shape.


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