Dennis didn’t really say that, did he …..

Dennis Rodman on NBA-China fallout: ‘Politics with sports, it doesn’t mix’

“I just look at it — I think the NBA is a great sport around the world,” he said. “NBA players have an obligation to do one thing — it’s to play sports. I think when you put politics with sports, it doesn’t mix.”

Dennis is saying the same thing I have been telling the mea culpa kid, Lay-Bron; stick to double dribbling.

LeBron James says NBA exec was ‘misinformed’ in his tweet … › 2019/10/14 › lebron-james-nba-china-intl-hnk-scli

3 days ago – LeBron James has long spoken out on social justice issues, such as in his … LeBron James weighs in on the NBA-China dispute 01:21 … James’ comments threatened to undermine his reputation as perhaps the … Morey quickly apologized and deleted his original tweet, but the league’s Chinese partners …


What am I missing?? Pictured not exactly what Dennis is making reference to, but close enough to be comical.

I still do not get the attachment/fascination between Madonna’s ex-hubby and The Kid-Dick-tator??


Dennis is lucky he has not been the main course of one of The Kids dinners.

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