Yes I will, no I won’t – yes I will, no I won’t …

Pelosi announces House won’t vote now on whether to begin impeachment inquiry

NUMBER 3 IN LINE seems as confused as a bride on her wedding day, as whether she should walk down the isle or not. Yes I will, no I won’t – yes I will, no I won’t …

Any intelligent person – I said any intelligent person would have to assume, before making threats of impeachment to the President of the USA, they would ALREADY have an air-tight, solid concrete case against the prez. BUTT not Nan. She is so spaced out, she admitted she NEVER read the transcript between PDT & the Ukraine president before she was putting the noose around his neck.

Nancy Pelosi admits she hasn’t read the Ukraine call transcript … › news › nancy-pelosi-admits-she-hasnt-150118706

Sep 25, 2019 – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says President Trump breached his constitutional … Nancy Pelosi admits she hasn’t read the Ukraine call transcript but says Trump will be ….. They want to erase your vote like it never existed.

To my way of thinking, she did a piss poor job of performing due diligence. How can any competent person take such an outlandish position if they are not 1,000% sure of their accusation?? The key word being, COMPETENT.

With all of the evidence she is supposed to have to justify an impeachment, she may have realized her case has as many holes in it as the colander she uses to drain her pasta. It will not hold water.

BUTT than again, I don’t even know if # 3 knows how to cook.

If she was positive she had enough dirt on PDT to hang him, the impeachment proceedings would have began months ago.

The old saying is; shit or get off the pot Nan. This cello you have been playing is way out of tune.


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