Stand-up lady ….

Rachael Ray: ‘If you’re an American, the American Dream is still alive.’

It is refreshing to see one of the celebs that is appreciative of what this country has given her.

“This is totally different, it’s not just a cookbook, it’s a scrapbook,” she told the hosts. “It’s kind of like a mini-memoir of my life. I wrote it because I wanted to celebrate all of the wonderful opportunities — I’m going to cry — that I’ve had in my life and I wanted to prove to people that anybody could be Rachael Ray. If you’re an American, the American Dream is still alive.

“It’s a love story. It’s an ode to being an American. A grateful American. A grateful American waitress and food professional.”

It is not that hard sports fans to be a patriot and support your country. BUTT like a spoiled brat that has everything handed to them all their lives, some fools can not and will not acknowledge how good they have it.

There is an army of socialists fools who are living the America dream, but are constantly trying to tear it down with their Political Ponzi Scheme. They are using the laws of the land to work for them and against the country.


They are like the person that was invited to dinner at someones house, after they stuffed their faces and gorged themselves, they spit the food into their hosts face.

I have no problem with critics. I am probably one of the biggest ones. The key words to being a critic are, truthful and fair. If those two words are not implemented, it is only Boulder Rolling and a witch hunt.

Nice to see that Rachael appreciates the opportunities this country has given her and she is not reluctant to acknowledge it. There should be more celebs and highly visible people who have the onions she does and not ashamed to admit it.



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