How many times did Good Old Dad bail him out ….

Hunter Biden’s questionable past and business dealings could undo dad’s bid for White House

In Democratic circles, there have been whispers for years that Hunter Biden could become a liability for his father. Questions about the younger Biden’s overseas business dealings in Ukraine and China as well as his checkered past at home — he dated his brother’s widow, used cocaine, bought crack and allegedly spent so much money in strip clubs and on prostitutes that his family couldn’t pay their bills — has made him an easy target for President Trump.

I had no idea that the lad had such a colorful background. Dated his brother widow?? WOW!! If the pair had kids, he would be their daddy and uncle at the same time. WOW again!! Hell of a man. The widow has to be a piece of work as well.

On the other side of the coin, I am the first one to say; no one should ever be judged by something a family member did.

That being said; what JJ (Jokin Joe) did on his own, he does not need any outside help making himself look bad. Let the record and the photos speak for them-self


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