Lay-Bron, than practice what you preach …..

LeBron James responds to NBA-China fallout, says every issue shouldn’t ‘be everybody’s problem’

“I also don’t think every issue should be everybody’s problem as well. When things come up, there’s multiple things that we haven’t talked about that have happened in our own country that we don’t bring up. There’s things that happen in my own community in trying to help my kids graduate high school and go off to college. That’s been my main concern the last couple of years with my school,” he told the Los  Angeles Times on Tuesday.

Let us teach our kids how to be stand-up, productive citizens of the world. All of the hate rhetoric only insights them and sends the wrong message.

Some of what Lay-Bron does and says I admire, like his educational concerns, BUTT there is the other side of him I don’t care for.

EDUCATION is the ONLY key to turning this world around and getting it back on track to civility. Personally, I think it is too late. There are too many fools on the left that are steering the kids and the other fools in the wrong direction.

There is nothing better than having an open mind and an opinion, if they are reasonable and has some common-sense attached. That is not always the case with some robot/sheep celebs that love to spout off. The problem is, many times they are not well informed or more important to them, they just want to be part of the lynch mob.

It is a shame to say, patriotism is at a all time low. If we do not take care of our country, our country can not take care of us.

American pride falls to 45% in latest Gallup poll, an all-time low › story › news › nation › 2019/07/02 › america…

Jul 3, 2019 – American patriotism is ebbing ahead of the Fourth of July, according to a Gallup poll that showed fewer than half of U.S. adults are “extremely” …

American pride hits an all-time low, a Gallup poll finds … › 2019/07/02 › politics › american-patriotism-all-time-…

Jul 3, 2019 – American patriotism is dwindling. … American pride has hit an all-time low, a poll finds. By Ryan Prior, CNN. Updated 1:12 PM ET, Wed July 3, …

Meteorically speaking, many of our citizens have been eating steak and lobster too long and do not know what liver tastes like. We all need to eat some liver in our life to keep our mind right.

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