Was Antonio forced to eat a little liver and does not like it???

Antonio Brown wants off-field issues cleared up so he can make NFL return, report says


The lad was not as bullet-proof as he thought he was.

Sources told ESPN that Brown hopes to have his playing status cleared up in the next few weeks before he signs with a team. They added that the wide receiver would wait to sign until it’s clear he would be allowed to play and that he’s been “training rigorously” and would welcome a return to the New England Patriots.

I don’t know if THE DUDE is being a little presumptuous; #1 assuming he will be will be cleared of the charges against him – # 2 that he will be welcomed back into the NFL.

In September he announced he was through with the NFL and did not care to play with the organization anymore. Must have been the liver diet that changed his mind.

Brown was arrogant enough that he did not realize what side his bread was buttered on. I have to wonder if all the people he insulted during his adolescent rampages are that forgiving.

Brown is under investigation by the NFL following a civil suit filed by his former trainer, Britney Taylor, who alleged she was sexually assaulted by the wide receiver.

Another woman, an artist, told Sports Illustrated that Brown exposed himself to her while she was working on a mural at his home in Pittsburgh two years ago.

Charges such as these are pretty hard to beat. It may come down to how sharp his ambulance chaser is or how crooked the judges is that hears his case. A lot of that going around these days.

Some witnessed Brown digging into his pocket for some DEAD PRESIDENTS and came up with air. That is probably what prompted his reversal/change of heart. The $39.775 million in lost bonuses and guaranteed money had to set the dude back on his heels. This incident will go down as the biggest fumble in his career.

I think ot is safe to say; all the years Brown played professional sports, he never learned to be a team player. Some egomaniacs never learn.

Brown is hoping for forgiveness from the NFL so he can once again flash his Ipana smile.  


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