Cover-up is almost as bad ….

Ronan Farrow says NBC’s alleged cover-up of sexual misconduct is ‘bigger’ than Matt Lauer

I am sure the steady followers to the Goomba Gazette have seen me post; the enablers are almost as bad as the perpetrators.

If these sickos were exposed at the beginning of their crime spree, their crimes would have been cut by 95% less victims. With the enablers silence, these perverts were able to continue with their crimes for years. sometime decades. This is why I feel the enablers should be punished for their involvement as well.

The molestation is so wide-spread/pervasive it is mind-boggling. In schools – churches – social clubs like the Boy and Girl Scouts – organized athletics. Very sad to say, I don’t think there is one organization that has not felt the affects of some sort of sexual misconduct; many of which were covered up by the hierarchy in order to keep the dead presidents coming in. These people should be prosecuted along with the perpetrator.

What is Pa Pa Joe Paterno going to be mostly remembered by? Not all of the great things he did for the athletes and the college, but for his involvement in the sex cover up with his assistant coach Sandusky at Penn State.

For those out there that know of a crime that was committed or going to be committed; make sure to inform the authorities. You may save a lot of lives.

Gotta give this lady credit. It is not an easy thing to do to turn your son in. Chances are, somewhere down the road, the kid will see the wisdom on his mothers actions.

Memphis Mom Turns Her Son In to Police After Seeing Video … › memphis-mom-turns-her-son-police-after-…

May 1, 2018 – Adrian Perry recognized the suspect seen in surveillance video broadcast on the local news. … She picked up the the phone, called police, and turned in her own son. … When the man said no, Perry pointed a gun at him and demanded his car keys, authorities said. … The mother says that she …

It is called tough love!!

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