Take it from the prof…..

‘Hunter Biden’ a topic CNN, NBC, MSNBC don’t seem to like, law professor says

When the Biden clan is mentioned in a negative way, all of the sudden the main-stream-left-wing media becomes deaf, dumb, blind and catches another case of amnesia.


Well respected law professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University, that has no stake in the political game says; Want to watch a left-leaning TV journalist quickly change the subject? Just mention Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President Joe Biden.

The bias in the media is as apparent as the piece of pepperoni stuck between Nan’s teeth she is so constantly trying to dislodge.

Possibly I should send her a case of dental floss to take care of her unconscious bad habit.

Only a complete idiot could deny the bias in the media, The best part, these fabrication are not accidental, they are mostly deliberate, which makes them twice as vicious.

One recent example Turley cites was when CNN reported that Biden campaign official Kate Bedingfield wrote to executive editor Dean Baquet of The New York Times, chastising the newspaper for running an article by “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer titled, “What Hunter Biden Did Was Legal – That’s the Problem.”

What the left/democrats are most concerned with, not that their boy JJ and his crew will get the ax, they are most concerned that THEIR ATTEMPTS of PRESIDENTIAL SABOTAGE and their OWN misdeeds will be uncovered. That is why they are always trying to shift the blame the other way. They certainly have a lot of skeletons in their closet they are trying to keep in.


I still cannot get over the fact that JJ has skated with his over the top sexual abuse proclivities. How can they deny these pictures exist??



Where I come from, getting out of line with a man’s wife are grounds for a good ass whipping, no matter who you are.

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