THE MAN getting down and dirty …..

Recently at a rally, PDT said the only thing that JJ (Jokin Joe Biden) was good at, was kissing TMC’s ass, or some similar facsimile. I could not have said it better myself. I often wondered if JJ caught TMC in a compromising position. Whatever prompted TMC to tap JJ on the shoulder for the VP position?

The Biggest-Ball-Busting-Boulder Rollers on the planet are calling PDT everything BUTT a white man and expect THE MAN to take it lying down. He would disappointment me if he did.

If we think he is off the charts now; just wait and see how nuts he gets while this unrelenting bombardment of insults and accusations continues. He is just getting going.

Any person that would not defend them-self in the manner Trump does, under the same circumstances is a coward. I am very surprised he has not come out with a blanket statement telling them to all to take a flying fuck. Gotta fight fire with fire.

Image result for Trump says f*** you

Lets face it; there has been some very heavy verbiage thrown at him, including the low-class Madonna saying she was going to burn the Casa Bianca. To me, that is a serious threat. I am very surprised PDT has not pressed charges at the fools that cross the line. There are laws that prohibit that.

I look for PDT’s fiery rhetoric gets nastier if the harassment continues.

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