The only good news I see today ..

New cancer vaccine shows promise, helped kill cancer cells in patient

I am so sick of being bombarded with bad news (at least 95% of it is) it is refreshing to read that cancer has a new enemy.

A vaccine undergoing testing at the Mayo Clinic has reportedly removed cancer cells in a breast cancer patient.

Florida resident Lee Mercker became the first patient to participate in a clinical trial for a new vaccine after being diagnosed in March with early-stages of the disease.

She told First Coast News she had “DCIS stage zero” breast cancer, meaning the cancer cells had not yet spread. She was left with three options — have a lumpectomy where the cancer cells are removed, undergo a mastectomy where the breasts are removed, or join a clinical trial for a potentially life-saving vaccine to kill the cells and prevent them from coming back.

Let us hope that this is a stepping stone to use on other types of the deadly disease. Possibly there is some light at the end of the chaotic tunnel we are looking down.


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1 Response to The only good news I see today ..

  1. JCscuba says:

    Not to rain on your parade, I worked in clinical cancer research, i.e. attempting to get drug candidates approved by the FDA. I was successful twice in 38 years with hundreds of candidates, Sorry about that. Thanks for the news, P.S. the problem is there will likely not be a {
    cure for cancer,_ There is no cancer, there are cancers, all different, patients respond differently for numbers of reasons. On the upside we are developing targeted therapies for individual patients based on the individual molecular biology of the tumor. Makes getting drugs approved a snap as the patients serve as their own controls. Thanks for the topic, J.C.

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