Just another nail in the socialist control coffin …

California rent control law may exacerbate housing crisis, experts warn

In a bid to combat a growing housing crisis, California’s Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a statewide rent control provision into law this week, which some experts warn could exacerbate the problem.


In essence, the state wants to control how much property owners can charge for rent. This does not sit well with capitalists; how can anyone with any common-sense blame them.

Why should any investor take the risk$ of develop property if they can not set their own rental price$. This move is just another in the long line of changes the far-left wants to make to take control.

Opponents say; Before you can stick a shovel in the ground, you’re charged $150,000 [worth] of fees.

Instead of controlling the rental prices, cut the red tape and outrageous government dominance and make it appealing for people to want to invest and get a fair price for their properties.

Inch by inch – foot by foot – yard by yard- mile by mile; like a slow growing cancer; if socialism is not squashed in its infancy, it will squash all of our freedoms.

Socialists government want to control their flock of sheep. tell them when to eat – when to sleep – when to defecate – how much they can charge for rent – turning them into pathetic, helpless zombies that can not think or function for themselves.

This is exactly what the charlaton preacher does while he is shaking down his congregation:

exterior shot of the governor’s mansion
The California Governor’s Mansion in Sacramento.

Update: After less than three weeks inside the governor’s mansion, Gavin Newsom and his family announced plans to move to the suburbs of Sacramento. According to the Sacramento Bee, the Newsoms purchased a $3.7 million, 12,000 square-foot, 6-bedroom house in the Fair Oaks neighborhood in December.

exterior shot of the governor’s mansion
The California Governor’s Mansion in Sacramento.

New crib:

12,000 sq. ft – 3.7 million dollar crib . Not bad for a guy that wants to control how everyone lives

Slogan on the door to the governor’s office:

Do as I say, not as I do!!

I wonder if the governor told the people he bought his LITTLE DIGS/mansion from that he was going to name his own price, regardless of what they would accept???

So goes socialism.


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