Suzie is just one of the chosen robots …

Meghan McCain clashes with Susan Rice over Obama’s Syria legacy: ‘How can you criticize’ Trump?

Could not have said it better myself. If we wanted to be COMPLETELY HONEST, which rarely happens in today’s society, let alone politics, (the dirtiest occupation in the world) everyone would have to admit that TMC was as bad a president as we could have had and put the country back decades, even in the racial department.

The primary reason he caught so much slack is because he is half white and half black. Very few people had the goolunies to criticize anything the man did for fear of being called a racist. No one has to be labeled if they are telling the truth.

TMC knew he could get away with just about anything, and played it to the hilt.

I made this observation with a very simple observation. I noticed how he WALKED when he took office and then compared it to his gait a few years later after he got his feet on the ground. Initially, he stood tall and walked like a, lets say a successful business man would walk. Several years later, TMC walk like he was strutting through the ghetto.

I remember his wife commenting on how her hubby had a nice strut. Maybe that was the second times she was proud to be an American.

That one trait of his gait was indicative of how cocky/more confident he became after a period of time. Possibly he was breaking in a new pair of scarps (Italian shoes). Everything else he did followed the same progressive pattern. TMC was the King of the Mountain.

The best thing a guy like TMC can do is, not throw stones at anyone. He has no room to talk.

As far as Suzie Q Rice goes, she was just another hand picked puppet.

I guess that is what all politicians do, is hand pick who will go to the cross for them. Some time they win, other times the lose.

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  1. JCscuba says:

    LOL you rock dude! Thanks. J.C.

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