Liz for Prez?? Come on Arnie …..

Arnold Schwarzenegger says he ‘could’ vote for this Democrat in 2020

What does that tell you about the man?? I can just see it; Liz the president and Arnie the VP. A match made in heaven. The muscle head and the 1/1026 Indian.

You can always tell the quality of a person by the company they keep!! Welll!!

Gotta wonder who Arnie will have as a house-maid in the VP’s mansion?? That just goes to show us how smart the man really is, banging his house maid in his own home. Only thing positive that came out of the hookup was a good kid.

Arnie’s involvement with his maid was as bad as Chuck and Camilla.


I still say there has to be something in the air in California that makes many of the residents a little flaky. It is amazing there can be so many wack-jobs concentrated in one area. They defy what the definition of commonsense is.


Strange Law 1:
 It is illegal for persons to hunt game from a moving vehicle, unless the game they are hunting is a whale.

Strange Law 2: It is illegal for a woman to drive a vehicle in a house coat.

Strange Law 3: Vehicles cannot surpass speeds of 60 m.p.h. if there is no driver.

Strange Law 4: In Downey, California, it is illegal to wash your car in the street.

Strange Law 5: In Los Angeles, California, it is illegal to wash your neighbor’s car without their permission.

Strange Law 6: In Long Beach, California, automobiles are the only items allowed to be stowed in the garage.

Strange Law 7: In Alhambra, California, motorists cannot park their vehicles on the street overnight unless they have a special permit.

Strange Law 8: In Walnut, California, it is illegal to put rock or sand on your driveway.

Now for a few laws that aren’t driving-specific:

Strange Law 9: In Fresno, California, park visitors cannot “annoy” lizards they encounter at the city park.

Strange Law 10: “Sunshine is guaranteed to the masses.”

Strange Law 11: In Arcadia, California, peacocks have the right of way to cross the street, this includes crossing driveways.

Strange Law 12: In Burlingame, California, it is illegal for residents to spit anywhere, except on baseball diamonds.

Strange Law 13: In El Monte, California, it is illegal to own a pinball machine.

Strange Law 14: In Eureka, California, it is illegal for men with mustaches to kiss a woman.

Strange Law 15: It is illegal for animals to mate within 1,500 feet of a school, saloon or place of worship.

Strange Law 16: It is illegal for a Californian to ride their bicycle through a public swimming pool.

Strange Law 17: In Los Angeles, California, it is illegal to hunt moths under a street lamp.

Strange Law 18: In Norco, California, it is illegal to grow oleander flowers.

Strange Law 19: In Long Beach, California, it is illegal to curse on a mini-golf course.

Strange Law 20: In Blythe, California, it is illegal to wear cowboy boots unless you own two or more cows.

Those are just for starters.

In reference to Liz running for The Big Chair, Arnie said; “I would just have to see what her program is, what her vision is for the future of America because I think the most important thing is we keep America number one,” Schwarzenegger told “The Howard Stern Show,” according to The Hill.

Where has he been for the last 3 years Liz has been on the war-path?? If Arnie doesn’t know what she represents by now, he never will.

The Terminator is still highly pissed off at Trump for terminating him as the host of Trump’s reality show The Apprentice. Trump claims the strongman wants to smash him in the face. There is no love lost between the two men.


Gotta give credit where credit is due. Arnie came from nowhere and really took advantage of the American dream.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Wikipedia › wiki › Arnold_Schwarzenegger

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger is an Austrian-American politician, actor, filmmaker, …. His remarkable accomplishments allowed me a sense of what was possible when others around me didn’t always understand my dreams. Steve Reeves has …

He may be all that, we can’t take that away from him, BUTT I have to question his judgement at times. Not the brightest star in the sky. Gotta be the California air.

There are millions of people that are extremely intelligent, BUTT do not know when to come out of the rain. Intelligence does not constitute commonsense, they are two different issues. Liz for president????????????


Come on Arnie; kiss and make up with Donny. You guys know you love one another.

Liz for president????????????

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