What if his name was Donald Johnson???

Don Lemon asks John Kasich if he’s ‘confused’ about Ukraine call transcript in tense exchange

CNN anchor Don Lemon on Monday asked Ohio governor-turned-CNN commentator John Kasich if he was “confused” by the transcript of President Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president and then went on to suggest that he’s a Trump “apologist.”

Lemon insisted that “anybody with half a brain” knows what Trump was saying to President Volodymyr Zelensky after reading the transcript and called it “obvious.”

Would this white-man-hater be as adamant as he is about the content of THE TRANSCRIPT if the guy on the chopping block was a black man?? I don’t think so.

Talk about a hypocrite:


Did CNN’s Don Lemon Say the ‘Biggest Terror Threat in This …
https://www.snopes.com › Fact Checks › Politics

Dec 18, 2018 – CNN host Don Lemon said “the biggest terror threat in this country is white men.” … Lemon made comments about the terror threat posed by white men … And they have been lost in all of this, two people who were killed on …

Don Lemon stands by claim white men are ‘biggest terror threat’
https://www.usatoday.com › life › cnn-don-lemon-comment-white-men

Nov 1, 2018 – Don Lemon raised eyebrows when he said white men are the biggest terror threat in the U.S. and he reiterated those claims, as CNN declined …

We can safely say, Lemon is sleeping with the enemy.

I can’t figure out what this white-man-hater has on the exec’s of CNN. He had to catch them in some unacceptable act. What other reason would they ignore his insults and stupidity that has helped make their network a second rated program. They must approve of method of reporting. BUTT how about his personal behavior??

CNN’s Don Lemon Sued For Alleged Sexual Assault At Bar, Report …
https://www.reddit.com › cnn › comments › cnns_don_lemon_sued_for_al…

Aug 15, 2019 – Ops Lemon head approached ‘Hice’ later that night “and, after putting his hand down his shorts he ‘vigorously rubbed his genitalia’ and …

They sure swept this one under the rug.

If he was from the other side of the track, he would have been tarred-feathered and carried out on a rail.


Lets face it, everyone that works for any organisation is an extension of who they work for.

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