I see nothing BUTT additional problems …

Pope Francis considers dropping celibacy requirements for some priests

If the Pope goes through with his plans, he will be opening a gigantic can of worms.



The others will say; what it is good for the goose, should be good for the gander.

What about the issue of divorce?? What about the issue of supporting 6 people instead of one (wife and four kids)?? Food – shelter – spending money – additional cars – cloths – college etc?? There are too many minuses and not enough pluses connected with this issue. They think they are broke now???

The fact of the matter is, because of IT’S past sins, the Catholic church has put too many spikes in their coffin and are feeling the end result of their blunders.

The pedophilia situation got way out of control and backfired on them trying to protect the degenerates that wore a collar. Their greed worked for awhile and they were able to cover up the disgrace of the church. When the truths of what some of their HOLY MEN were up to came to light, the tried to suppress it, BUTT the dirty cat was already out of the bag. That is when the dead presidents quit dropping into the Sunday collection and the church started its decline.

Now they are trying to get back on track and redeem themselves. I say it is too little, to late. The damage is now chiseled in stone. Allowing some men to get married is not the answer. What is the answer?? They may not be one. The church may crumble and fall apart like the Roman Empire did. The guy that wore the short skirts didn’t think their day of reckoning would come either.

Many times, some of the most rich and powerful people/organizations are their own worst enemies because of the arrogance, greed and gigantic ego; that is until they go past the point of no return.

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