Exactly my sentiments ….

Gregg Jarrett: Trump’s request for info on Biden is a ‘proper exercise of power’

Echoing Jarrett; I have said this many times before; it is the responsibility of the president of the USA to ask a foreign country to assist in an investigation of ANYONE that may be connected to illegal activities in their country.

If this were not JJ (Jokin Joe’s) kid in question, it would not have even made the funny paper section of the news.

I still can not accept the fact, that based on what THE TRANSCRIPT reveals, these Boulder Rolling fools think there is a precedent for impeachment hearing.

Folks, as difficult as it may be to believe; 90% of all of the shenanigans surrounding PDT and the far-left are connected to the fact, THEY lost the election in 2016. One thing that rally bothers me; when history reveals the truth, the perpetrators of the witch hunts will be all have sod covering the faces and will not have to endure the shame of their actions. I think they should all be buried face down in the caskets as a symbol of the disservice they perpetrated to their country. They are disgraceful.

PETE – REPEAT: If this were not JJ (Jokin Joe’s) kid in question, it would not have even made the funny paper section of the news.

Andddddd, as far as JJ is concerned, he is as guilty as his kid is, probably more so. For JJ to deny he had any collaboration with his kid over his business ventures overseas is all

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