These fools are delusional ….

Now we have a group of other fools that think Donald Trump should burn all of hs money and assets while he is president. Are these fools for real??

USA Today:

Consider Trump’s properties, which he still owns even though his family is managing them. Any money spent at those properties goes into Trump’s pocket. Anyone who wants to try to influence Trump — including foreign leaders — can do so by staying at his hotels or frequenting his golf courses. When foreign leaders do it, it’s a violation of the Constitution’s anti-corruption (emoluments) clause. It happens routinely, mostly without our knowledge. It’s hardly news anymore.


For example, this Father’s Day, Ivanka Trump tweeted a photo with her father’s “Make America Great Again” slogan. In doing so, she likely violated the Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees from using their official positions to influence an election. Still worse, she did this just days after the Office of Special Counsel found repeated violations of this law by counselor Kellyanne Conway and recommended that she be fired.

If all of the Boulder Rollers were admonished/punished/jailed for all the infraction of the rules they committed, DC would look like a ghost town. They would all be locked up. It seems what is good for the JACKASS, is not good for the ELEPHANT.


Absurdity doesn’t even come close to the fools. Ivanka Trump tweeted a photo with her father’s “Make America Great Again” slogan. In doing so, she likely violated the Hatch Act, Now the Boulder Rollers think she should be fired. GMAFB – why not try to impeach her as well.

I don’t blame Trump in the least for being defensive; ESPECIALLY when the fools are attacking his family. In my day; a good ass kicking would be in order.

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