Taking the cow by the horns ….

Abby Huntsman asks Rachel Maddow if she’s ‘part of that problem’ of people not trusting media


“There has been a crying wolf for so long,” Huntsman told Maddow on Thursday, “‘This is it, this is the smoking gun, he’s out,’ for two years now from Democrats, from some members of the media — that now you have people in this country that are like, ‘We don’t believe anything anymore.’ They’re shutting it off, they are not taking it as seriously as they should and I ask you, do you think you’re part of that problem?”

“It’s a consequence of having a really scandal-ridden presidency with all sorts of stuff happening all the time, that in any other presidency would have already led to impeachment,” Maddow said.

Mad-cow says scandal-ridden. I have AXED and will continue to AXE; how many banks did Jesse James really rob?? I hope these fools are smart enough to read between the lines. Blame PDT for what he really did, not for some TRUMPED-UP bullshit story some fools contrived just to get their kisser on the front page.

My hat is off to Abby for putting Mad-cow on the hot seat.

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