Here we go again …

He said – she said:

WASHINGTON – At the behest of President Trump and his personal lawyer, U.S. diplomats engaged in a frenetic, months-long effort to push Ukraine’s newly elected president to publicly promise he would order an investigation into Joe Biden’s son and also probe a conspiracy theory about Ukraine’s alleged role in the 2016 U.S. election.

“Assuming President Z (Zelensky) convinces trump he will investigate/”get to the bottom of what happened” in 2016, we will nail down a date for visit to Washington. Good luck!,” Volker told his Ukrainian counterpart. 

House Democrats released the text messages after Volker, who resigned from the Ukraine envoy post last week, spent more than nine hours Thursday testifying behind closed-doors as part of the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry. 

Assuming the text message is correct; Trump’s attorney said WE not HE. Does the text indicate anywhere stating; if Ukraine does not cooperate with Trump in the investigation of what happened with Biden’s kid in 2016, the USA will not sell you the weapons?? If that is how it was worded, I may agree that a line was crossed.

Lets face it folks. The Boulder Rollers are splitting hairs and putting their own spin on what she said, he said to take it totally out of context. If the Ukraine president, as he stated was not offended by the conversation, what is the problem??

I don’t think that Trump ever worried about JJ (Jokin Joe) beating him in 2020.

Were there any repercussion for the multitude of very wealthy lefter/socialists that put up with big money to find someone that could dig up dirt on Trump in the election? They came right out in the open with their payola and no one blinked an eye.

Fairness and equality in politics are

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