Trump-Ukraine transcript ‘so damning’ that public backs impeachment, ex-Clinton adviser asserts

These fools have to be sucking on some low-grade cannabis plants.

This has to be on the top of the list as the most ludicrous attempt at legal proceedings in the history of USA politics. None of the Boulder Rollers could have read the transcript and come away with the opinion there was anything out of line. If in fact they did read it, they are more ignorant than humanly possible. The most scary part of the entire scenario, these are the fools that pull the strings in this country. They are our leaders.

Based on every other issue plaguing the USA; using their same mentality, it is no wonder our country is up Shits-Creek without a paddle.

This is the fool at the head of this mornings ass-a-9999999 class, and what he said. He is a former Clinton adviser named Richard Goodstein.

“Whether the whistleblower is an ‘R’ or a ‘D’ or came from Mars, or whatever they blew the whistle about — we see this so-called transcript… so damning that the public increasingly with each passing week is more and more inclined to say, ‘Yeah, actually, I think you should be impeached.’ ”

What else would a former Clinton’s adviser say??

The damage to the USA in terms of financially – emotionally – time consuming – appearance to the rest of the world can not be measured. Again; the most scary part of the entire scenario, these are the fools that pull the strings in this country. They are our leaders. They can be compared to a 5 year old kid trying to fly a 747. The end result is a certain tragic.

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