This broad is psychotic ..

Ilhan Omar says Trump ‘terrified’ of her ‘intersectionality’ as a woman, immigrant, Muslim


According to the article; She’s a woman, she’s an immigrant and she’s Muslim — and that “intersectionality” of identities has President Trump “terrified,” U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., claimed in a television appearance Wednesday night.

They seemed to have left out a couple of important personality traits about this broad. She is anti-American, an instigator obsessed with creating conflict, a hypocrite, liar, social terrorist, Ponzi schemer and a few other that slipped my mind.

I said hypocrite??

“A lot of people think we take joy in impeaching this president because we don’t like him,” Omar said. “But we take joy in making sure that when we say we’re going to protect the rule of law, that the American people know that we are serious about that.”

How the hell does she think she is bull-shitting?? Protect the rule of law?? All she has done since she got her Muslim foot in the door is go against almost everything the USA stands for; except freedom of speech that she uses and abuses.

People with the slightest bit of intelligence know her game and shy away from her. BUTT then we have the sheep/fools/pathetics that follow her like she is the Piped Piper.

If she and her kind are the face of America to come (I have my suspicions), the USA will be in deep shit when that time comes.

Remember what I said about the political Ponzi schemers folks; the one on the very top are the only ones that win. Take a good guess at who started the parade; the same guy that is against successful people in this country. Talk about a hypocrite.


Not bad for a guy that has a hard-on for the wealthy. Primary leader of the Political Ponzi Scheme.

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