JJ, how stupid do you think the American people are???

Come on Joe, who you trying to bullshit …..

I just watched an interview with JJ ( Jokin Joe Biden) on Fox news where he claimed he never had any conversation with his son about his kids business transactions in the Ukraine. GMAFB

I know that all high-flying politicians like this guy think that all of the people in the USA are complete idiots to believe their bold lies. They have been skating through the halls of congress for decades, only by being professional bull-shitters.  Funny as it may seem, none of then are  even good at it. 

The 1st thing a politicians reads in his guide book 101, if they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar is to deny – deny – deny. It becomes so natural, it becomes part of the DNA (DO NOT ANSWER). 

I would think by now, JJ should know that 99% of all the bull-shitters  who get their tit stuck in the wringer, sooner or later all get nailed.  Many times the consequences are worse than lying. Just AXE Wild Bill. 

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I love playing this video over and over. The guy did it all with a straight face. 

I will bet every dime I have and the farm I live on, JJ was heavily involved in his kids transactions in Ukraine and possibly other fronts. My wish is that he gets caught and has to pay the price. Hopefully TMC was involved and he gets taken down too. 

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