Madcow is at it again …

Rachel MadCow expressed skepticism about whether Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., will keep his word and take a potential Trump impeachment to trial in the Senate, but she saw the possibility of Republican lawmakers turning on the president down the road.

“This behavior by the president is so simple and it’s so indefensible, you can’t go to another country and ask them for help against your likely opponent in the next election. You just can’t,” Madcow explained. “And it may be that Republicans decide either to save their own skins or because of their conscience or their patriotism that they want to be on the right side of history on this. And I don’t think they’re deciding now. I think they’ll decide as it plays out.”

Show me in black and white were Trump asked the president of Ukraine to help him dig up dirt on JJ (Jokin Joe Biden). The evidence does not exist.

Did PDT ask the president to look into whether Biden’s kid was out of line?? Absolutely yes. That is part of his job. Would it be acceptable if Trump asked the Ukraine president if any other American citizen was out of line in his country??

Cut and dry. The answer is staring the lynch mob in the face, BUTT they will not acknowledge it. They get amnesia when it comes to policing their own.

Was JJ out of line when he had a prosecutor removed in 2016?? Biden used the prospect of U.S. financial support to pressure the Ukrainian government to fire its top prosecutor, because the prosecutor, Viktor Shokinwas investigating the gas company Burisma, the same company the kid was going to work for. That is a proven fact, not speculation like in Trump’s case. Which situation was the most likely to have crossed over the ethical line??

Again, talk about double standards: Yesterdays post

When the dust settles and the socio-democrats fall on their face AGAIN, what a shot in the arm it will be for Trump.

BUT, there is always a BUT where PDT is concerned. In a book coming out; way back when, Trump did say;

In an excerpt from their upcoming book, “Border Wars: Inside Trump’s Assault on Immigration,” Times reporters Michael Shear and Julie Hirschfeld Davis allege that Trump has repeatedly floated the idea of installing a “water-filled trench” filled with deadly reptiles.

“Privately, the president had often talked about fortifying a border wall with a water-filled trench, stocked with snakes or alligators, prompting aides to seek a cost estimate. He wanted the wall electrified, with spikes on top that could pierce human flesh,” the excerpt read. “After publicly suggesting that soldiers shoot migrants if they threw rocks, the president backed off when his staff told him that was illegal. But later in a meeting, aides recalled, he suggested that they shoot migrants in the legs to slow them down. That’s not allowed either, they told him.”

Not a smart thing to say. Was it a figure of speech or did he mean it?? Not knowing the complex man, I can’t say one way or another. One thing I will say with certainty; when we get older, we must pay for the sins we committed when we were younger; in more ways than one.

I said this many times. The only person that will beat Trump in 2020, is Trump himself.

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