They try to beat you every way they can …..

The almost microscopic part (it is very small) washer nozzle on my car broke.

I stopped at Autozone and they did not carry it.

I called Dodge and they told me they had them in stock. Off I go to Dodge.

These plastic sprayers are no bigger than a horse fly. The cost, hold on to your goolunies; the price at Dodge 33.00$ yes 33.00$. I started laughing at the counterman. I told him it is not his fault that Dodge was such a thief, he only works there. Dodge and all the rest of the stick-up-artists should be ashamed f themselves. I know they are not.

I asked him a jar of Vasoline came with the nozzle. He asked why. I said because someone is trying to screw me.


In front of the counter-guy, I looked up the part on line. I went home and ordered it for 3.36$, yes 3.36$ . Naturally, I got screwed on the shipping, BUTT paid 1/3 of what Dodge was charging. If we do our math, Dodge was charging 10 time the amount of the nozzle.

Buyer beware. Do not hesitate to keep the thieves honest if you feel you are getting screwed.

My shopping tip for the month

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