Even Ray – Stevie and Bocelli can see it ….

Chaffetz: Lack of coverage of Hunter Biden’s involvement with Ukraine is ‘such a double standard’

Trump’s presidency has been one gigantic double standard after the other. What was acceptable for TMC (AKA Obama) and Wild Bill Clinton went the direct opposite with The Billionaire Guy.

Just one example should be proof of double standards.


They gave Wild Bill a standing ovation for his speech and booed Trump out of the hall.

Should Jokin Joe’s kid feet be held to the fire IFFF he went down the wrong road?? Absolutely. 600 G’s a year as an adviser. What the hell does the kid know about the oil industry, except that his daddy can pull some pretty strings. Without Jokin Joe paving the way, the kid could not get a job pumping gas let alone getting 600 big ones a year to sit at a table.

Double standard, you ask?? You bet your sweet little booty there is.

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