Show me in black and white where …..

What the hell am I missing?? It is insanity. I read and reread THE TRANSCRIPT 6 times and nowhere is there the least indication of a shakedown or pressure from PDT to the Ukraine president for his cooperation. No where.

There was mention of Trump asking the president to check into whether Biden Jr. was involved in some illegal activities. That is part of Trump’s position as president to expose illegal dealings if they exist. Just as if we had a foreign diplomat in Ukraine that may be involved in some illegal acts; it would absolutely be in-line if PDT ask the president what he knew about it. Nothing more, nothing less.

It is the position of the lynch mob that Trump tried to have foreign intervention in the 2020 election by getting some dirt on the opposition, Jokin Joe and family. That is absolutely false. I would challenge anyone to show me and everyone else in the world, in black and white, where in that document PDT was trying to coerce Zelenskyy into anything.

What these fools are doing; they are surmising, twisting/turning/manipulating what Trump said, taking it out of context, adding their own spin to it, even without reading it (right Nan) that has no actual resemblance to any of the conversation.

That is one pathetic women. She is a living example of what power and money can buy.


Where does it say or imply, Trump to Zelenskyy; if you don’t co-operate with me, I am going to cut off our relationship and the supplying of military equipment??

What the transcript does say; IF Jokin Joe Biden’s kid was not behaving himself, I (being PDT) would like to know about it. Folks; that is part of what PDT makes the bug bucks for; but ironically does not accept a paycheck.

This conspiracy against Donald Trump started even before he put his hand on the bible. It stared the night the last votes were counted and CHC knew conclusively she got her ass kicked. They took a blood oath; regardless of how beneficial anything was for the country, ANYTHING Trump did while he was in office, they were going it to shoot down. Not only shoot down, BUTT deliberately lie, exaggerate and fabricate issues to make him look bad and try to unseat him. They are gum on the bottom of his size 13 and disgraceful, at best.

All of what we have been witnessing is ALL ABOUT THE LOSS OF POWER AND CONTROL, that equates to $$$$$$$.

I said it before and will say it again; THE MAN can sure take a beating/pounding and come back strong. The real question is, just how much can he take??

He definitely has his faults, but is the best man for the job. There is never any question of where he is coming from. That is what we get when a non-politician is at the helm.

Mr. Webster said it best:


  1. USSR a person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of or a candidate for an elected office.”a veteran communist politician”
    • USA a person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement within an organization.

Could not have said it better myself. Only Mr. Webster left out a couple more, non-performing thief and liar.

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