It seems everyone knows it except them ….

Former George W. Bush aide calls impeachment ‘a fool’s errand being pushed by fools’

I said this repeatedly. The more the far-left-socio-democrats push forward with their ridiculous quest to hang PDT, the more foolish they look. It seems that my sentiments are shared by many other, including Ned Ryun, a former aide to President George W. Bush.

Anyone with 1/10th of a brain that takes time to read the transcript of THE PHONE CONVERSATION, has tO come away with the same opinion; there was absolutely nothing said or insinuated that was out of line.

So goes that majority, not all, BUTT the majority of accusations they are slinging at Trump that have no foundation.

If they (THE FOOLS) had only 1 solid piece of damning information they could present to show wrong doing of the president, they may not have so much egg on their faces. One credible piece opposed to numerous TRUMPED up pieces that have no substance, they may not look as bad.


In essence, the more they try to discredit Trump, it is doing a reverse on them. They forgot the old saying; when you point one finger at me, there are three pointing back at you.

I might be-able to understand a few dozen fools that are taken in by this obsession, BUTT the amount of fools that have fallen into the socio-democrat pit of shame is incredible.

On the flip side; in their pathetic attempt to dethrone Trump with their TRUMPED up accusations, they are actually doing Trump a favor. Even fools like Bill Maher are coming around and seeing it for what it is. Nothing BUTT a lynch mob.

All THE MAN wants is to be treated fairly.

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