Tell me, how Nan could …..

How could Nan have the balls (or some other facsimile) to push for an impeachment even before she personally read the transcript between PDT and the Ukraine president??

Folks; I don’t make this shit up

WATCH: Pelosi Slams Ukraine Call After Admitting She Hasn’t … › news › watch-pelosi-slams-ukraine-call-after-…

3 days ago – “I haven’t seen it,” Pelosi admitted to reporters. “But the transcript is, uh, the fact is, that the president of the United States, in breach of his …

You tell me who is screwed up and who isn’t. Nan is going to take the word of some fool on a accusations this serious (doesn’t get more serious than this) and move forward with impeachment. Is she a fruitcake or what. Best of all, (The Speaker) is 3rd in line for the presidency. The entire country is in grave danger having someone like Nan in 3rd position.


Anyone would have to conclude; she is totally incompetent and irresponsible.


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